RoadX RD796

Regional Drive

Tire Features:

The RoadX RD796 features an aggressive, open shoulder tread design which improves self-cleaning to deliver exceptional traction in mud and snow . Its staggered tread block pattern distributes load evenly to resist irregular wear. The RD796 is engineered with a deep 26/32" tread depth to provide a long tread life.


  • Refuse Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Regional Trucks
  • Mixed Concrete Trucks


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Tread Design

Open shoulder design delivers superior traction.


Deep tread depth for excellent tread life.

Tread Compound

Staggered tread blocks resist irregular wear.

SizeTire Size P.R.Ply Rating T.D.Tread Depth L.I.Load Index S.S.Speed Symbol O.D.Outside Diameter S.W.Section Width S.L.R.Static Load Radius R.W.Rim Width LCC 1XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Single) LCC 2XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Dual)
    32nds     in. in. in.   lbs.@psi lbs.@psi
11R22.5    16 26 146/143 L 41.5 11.0 19.4 8.25 6610@120 6005@120
11R24.5  16 26 149/146 L 43.5 11.0 20.3 8.25 7160@120 6610@120